A production line optimisation system

This is a custom software system designed and developed for Karl Zeiss Vision UK. The system interfaces with Zeiss' existing lab management systems to extract and visualise data relating to production speeds and production quality across their manufacturing facility.

The system visualises key operations metrics such as manufacturing speeds, errors per 1,000 parts and volume of jobs completed and remaining. It enables managers to identify bottlenecks and more efficiently allocate resources across the factory in real time.

Visualise complex data sets

The simple user interface allows easy processing and visualisation of complex data extracted from the assembly line. The data - which refers to speeds, quality and errors - is visualised to immediately establish where efficiency can be improved.
labman intranet timesheet

Generate reports

To effectively manage data and allow re-allocation of resoucres across the facility, custom reports can be generated for all operational metrics. This allows custom entry of timescales and data specifics to generate targeted reports for all areas of operation.
labman intranet timesheet

Database implementation and web service

An SQL database combined with a locally hosted web service enables complex data sets to be processed server side and thin client tablets to access that data immediately and efficiently. Experience with a huge range of software and database systems means we’re capable of integrating into the most complex of IT infrastructures using a range of architectures.

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