A global data repository

The Storm system was custom developed for a multi-national organisation to gather data from weathering stations across the world. Machine vision generated data as well as human generated analyses are collected and automatically aggregated into a single centralised global database. The Storm system generates a series of global and country specific reports each month – enabling instant and automated insight on a variety of key global metrics. The customer saves 100s of hours of manual data collection and analysis each month and their R&D labs across the world can now securely access global weathering data in near real-time.

Machine vision and AI

Storm can automatically classify samples; using previous human analyses and classifications to generate an automated AI based weathering type and classification algorithm, Storm can ‘learn’ how to classify results (crack, bubbling, scratch, etc), etc.

Not only do Storm’s AI capabilties save time, allowing users to focus on analysis and development, but the system can significantly improve the standardisation of measurement.
storm weathering analyis machine vision ai

Standardisation of human analysis

While many processes of weathering analysis can be fully automated, often human analysis of panels is still required. Storm makes it simple to standardise these analyses to ISO and company standards.

The user is taken through a series of pages that show a reference image of each of the criteria and are asked to grade their panel accordingly – ensuring results are comparable across all weathering stations.
storm weathering process

Mobile system status reporting

Live status tracking for multiple systems is possible with Storm. These statuses offer reassurance of healthy system operation when outside of the lab, and this reporting is fully customisable with push status alerts via text or email.

Enable predictive maintenance. Remotely collect system metrics and logs, define parameters and identify maintenance needs before breakdowns.
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Why Labman Software?



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