Lab Studio

Integration of multiple hardware devices

LabStudio was custom developed for a multi-national company to network multiple separate pieces of hardware and to enable formulations to be set-up, created, tested and analysed from a single portal.

Where each machine originally had to be programmed separately – and the results were siloed onto separate PLCs – now their machines are programmed automatically by the LabStudio system and the data is automatically aggregated into a single database.

Drag-and-drop UI

The system uses an intuitive UI. All of the pieces of hardware are listed down the right-hand side. These can be dragged onto the Workflow wizard to assign the hardware to be used in a formulation or analysis. When a piece of hardware has been added its relevant consumables are listed down the right-hand side. Consumables can be dragged onto the hardware to assign them to the formulation / analysis. In this example the user is assigning well plates to the liquid and powder dispensing steps of an experiment.
labstudio drag-drop UI

Intuitive Setup

Double clicking the consumable opens the fill window. Here ingredients to be added to the well plates and their volumes can be assigned. In this example the user is programming the system to add 10ml of an ingredient to vial 1A and increase by 1g increments across the remaining vials. New ingredients can easily be added in the Edit Ingredients tab and mixes created from existing ingredients.
labstudio setup screen ui

Centralised reporting

As each piece of hardware processes the samples their data is sent back to a centralised database. This removes the silo-ing of data and means holistic reports can be generated that integrate data from all hardware used during formulation and testing. An intuitive report builder allows the user to integrate datapoints from all hardware. Reports can visualise, cross reference and analyse data in a variety of ways based on the users needs, and samples can easily be traced throughout the entire formulation and testing process.
LabStudio centralised reporting screen ui

Remote system status

The LabStudio system also enables lab users and managers to check on the status of hardware or a run. Notifications can be set up to message users when a run is complete or hardware needs attention.
LabStudio remote screen status ui

Why Labman Software?



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Unparalleled Integration

Labman’s experience in hardware development and integration gives us unparalleled capabilities in integrating hardware from a range of manufacturers into a single software system.


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