Cylinder Guardian

In-field data collection app

Inventory & asset tracking

Cylinder Guardian enables commercial gas suppliers to track and monitor their cannisters. Smart Routing displays all locations that a driver is due to visit that day – ordered based on their geographic proximity.

Tracking, monitoring & routing

As well as tracking the inventory the system actively guides the drivers through the drop off and pick up procedures.

Smart Routing displays all locations that a driver is due to visit that day – ordered based on their geographic proximity.
clyinder guardian labman phone app

Secure login and guided deliveries

Delivery drivers log into the remote App securely through a supplied Android device.

When at the location the driver is shown the bottles to be delivered and the bottles to be collected from that location.

When the collections / drop offs have been done the driver swipes the item away and the system is updated.

A summary is shown once all items have been completed – this also shows the remaining stock that should be left in the cellar so the driver can validate these.
cylinder guardian

Centralised web-based portal

The data captured through the mobile devices instantly updates a secure web based portal.

When logged in a user can see details on the locations and status of all tracked cannisters – and run a series of reports.

Locating, flagging & reporting

Finding a cylinder is easy: any individual cylinder can be located. For example a cylinder that is nearing it’s required test date will be flagged by the system. These cylinders can then be located using the built in search function.

The system can also flag any stagnant locations or cylinders – i.e. any locations that have not had a cylinder replenishment within the past 12 months. These customers can then be contacted to see whether they require replenishment or whether any remaining cylinders should be retrieved.

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